10 on 10……the beginning

Yay! The beginning of a new group:) I’ve joined a group of 9 other lovely and talented women to document our lives. The idea is that one day a month, you take one photo an hour to document your ‘daily’ life, post, then link to another member of the group. So check out my pictures and then don’t forget to check out one of my friends by clicking on their link at the bottom of the post:-) This month,as it was my first go, was pretty straight forward and typical. I literally set the timer on the oven/phone and would stop what I was doing to capture a part of that moment of the day. It was fun, challenging and by hour 10 I was DONE! lol

Daddy had received an iPad for his (40th!!) birthday the night before - so it was the

Time for baby

baby laundry. The only kind of laundry I don

Look who I found hiding behind the couch with yet ANOTHER candy cane!

So excited to be going as a family to this performance!

Took a three-minute break to eat lunch and surf on the computer.

You can

Kai was outside practising his

This was a break that almost occurred. I had just made a fresh cup, had my older two occupied and was just going to sit down and relax. The timer dinged on the stove, and the baby woke up from his nap! So much for that break!

tiny bubbles. the end.

Thanks for looking! Would love to hear from you! Don’t forget to check out my friends Lisa and her day –http://www.lisaellephotography.com/?p=425


9 thoughts on “10 on 10……the beginning

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  2. I love this! You have some ninja skills with a tripod while nursing – I am a clutz when I have the use of both my hands! And that coffee picture… well, I’m going to have to go get some after I post this comment…

  3. Love the pictures, especially Kai getting caught with the candy cane-haha! I also had a similar “nursing” experience during my day. I don’t have a tripod or a remote, so I had to stack my camera on a set of books & stretch over every time I wanted to retake the picture. It was a learning experience – I really need to get a timer!

  4. Well done Renee! You made the every day things beautiful and you will appreciate these images someday when they are all grown and gone….especially the nursing shot, GREAT JOB!!!! Selfies are NOT easy.

  5. Love Love Love the BF’ing photo! I may have to try that myself. I too big puffy heart nursing 🙂 Are those cloth diapers in the laundry shot? Love all of your B&Ws, so pretty!

  6. Oh Renee you are one of mine! LOOOOOOVE B&W!!! I always push myself to go color. but there is nothing like the drama and story that tells me black and white pictures. So beautiful. So creative. Love your set. You did such a good job to show your day. YOur kids are gorge!!!! 😉 My fave is the #4. His look like “I am hiding doing what I am not suppose to do” hehe. WTG!

  7. Love the nursing photo! I truly wish that I had thought to take such a photo while we were still in that stage.

    I cloth diapered as well and miss those “fluffy butt” days.

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