Daily Life {10 on 10}

Wow – another round of 10 on 10 already:-) I really love doing this project. Towards the end of the day I get tired of remembering to grab my camera, but I love that it documents our daily life and the ordinary details of our routines. I also love not having to worry about taking a ‘good’ picture and don’t care if there is clutter and mess in the background or on someone’s face! The photographs that I cherish from my childhood are not the ones that are ‘perfect’ they are the ones that show how our life was. What we were doing, who we were doing it with. The messy times, the fun times and the boring times. This was an ordinary day. No big occasion, nothing momentous planned. Kai went to school, Reece (well, really it was mommy) had a playdate, and we went to Nonna’s for supper. Pretty chill day. Pretty ordinary day. Pretty awesome day – all captured by me!

I decided to break out of my comfort zone and post MORE than 10 pictures. I like having to cull my photos down to the 10 most representative photos of the day. I love the order and simplicity that 10 photos affords. But, since I’ll be doing this all year I figured I’d mix it up! Enjoy all 22 below! Each line represents an hour in our day…..and yes, I did count that there are eleven lines…..what can I say – I suck at math! Enjoy the freebie hour:D

and yes, in case you were wondering, I’ve decided (for now) to include a nursing pictures every month. Don’t forget to go and visit the other women in my circle. There are ten of us – down to nine this month – and they would love for you to complete the circle and see what life is like for them in different parts of the country:)

Click here to see                   day.

Just wanted to let you know I’ve moved blog locations – find me at www.reneebonuccelli.com


One thought on “Daily Life {10 on 10}

  1. Renee, I completely agree about the memorable photos from childhood not being the perfectly posed – but those snapshots into what our young lives were like~ and you’ve definitely captured that here. I am especially taken by the shots of your sons cuddling – and the TOES… oh the tiny toes…

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