Happy Birthday Reece!!


I can’t believe you are five today! It seems like yesterday that we barely made it to the hospital to have you. That nice lady was pushing me in a wheelchair slowly towards labor and delivery so daddy could catch up with us, when I screamed at her to “just push me!!!” lol. And then you arrived. Perfect. Exactly who I knew was missing. It was perfect. You were perfect. I love my birth days…..but I am super dee duper excited for your birthday today!! Your birthdays’ haven’t been celebrated with the same kind of hoopla that your older brother has always had (although you did have your first birthday in Vegas, like a rockstar;)!). You have never been too interested in your birthday, never really ask for much and are just a pretty chill little dude when it comes to ‘occasions’. This year though, I’ve been pumping it up a bit, and you’ve been to a few preschool friends birthdays’ and you just seem into it. So I made sure to get it together and get you a birthday party in five year old style!

It’s been a pretty full year. You started off four as still a baby to me. You were my baby. You’ve always maintained that you ‘never want to grow up’ and that you want to ‘stay a little boy forever’. You would ask me if this was possible and what you could to do ensure it. My heart breaks a little every time you ask, because in so many ways I am wishing the same. But, here you are, five, a big boy, who is changing and growing so fast! Right now you;

love your baby brother, and need to hold him and play on the bed with him several times a day

idolize your big brother and protect him and his stuff at all costs. He is KAI and you will protect him:)

sleep with mama

scream slightly when you talk (seriously – you are LOUD, really really really loud – your voice goes hoarse most days)

love mario and luigi – you have little plastic figures of them that you play for hours and of course play Mario64 on your Dsi

call whichever friend you are playing with that moment your BEST FRIEND

swim like a fish. across the diving tank with no life jacket.

like to see how long you can hold your breath underwater while mommy counts…..it’s a really long time……maybe about 30sec?! I’ll have to do a ‘real’ timer event one day

your favourite color has switched from yellow to red. but in the last week you are obsessed with gold. any and all gold. We spent three hours last week looking through every piece of lego in our lego bin for gold lego. I think I need a gold medal for that;)!

you love junk. prefer chocolate or candy for breakfast. You will eat fruit (much to your dads delight) but only corn on the cob for a vegetable.

like watching movies and toopy and binoo

you seem to be able to read some words

always say you don’t want to go to school but always have had a blast when I come to get you

don’t like skating. you get ‘pins and needles’ every time you go

But – enough words – I do my best storytelling in pictures:)  Here was your year Reece! I can’t wait to see what adventures await us this year!!

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Love {52 on Fridays}


Love him.

Love balloons.

Love his attitude…mostly.

Love our winter being bearable so we could do this.

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Daily Life {10 on 10}

Wow – another round of 10 on 10 already:-) I really love doing this project. Towards the end of the day I get tired of remembering to grab my camera, but I love that it documents our daily life and the ordinary details of our routines. I also love not having to worry about taking a ‘good’ picture and don’t care if there is clutter and mess in the background or on someone’s face! The photographs that I cherish from my childhood are not the ones that are ‘perfect’ they are the ones that show how our life was. What we were doing, who we were doing it with. The messy times, the fun times and the boring times. This was an ordinary day. No big occasion, nothing momentous planned. Kai went to school, Reece (well, really it was mommy) had a playdate, and we went to Nonna’s for supper. Pretty chill day. Pretty ordinary day. Pretty awesome day – all captured by me!

I decided to break out of my comfort zone and post MORE than 10 pictures. I like having to cull my photos down to the 10 most representative photos of the day. I love the order and simplicity that 10 photos affords. But, since I’ll be doing this all year I figured I’d mix it up! Enjoy all 22 below! Each line represents an hour in our day…..and yes, I did count that there are eleven lines…..what can I say – I suck at math! Enjoy the freebie hour:D

and yes, in case you were wondering, I’ve decided (for now) to include a nursing pictures every month. Don’t forget to go and visit the other women in my circle. There are ten of us – down to nine this month – and they would love for you to complete the circle and see what life is like for them in different parts of the country:)

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Just wanted to let you know I’ve moved blog locations – find me at www.reneebonuccelli.com

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