Pocket of Light {52 on Fridays}

Once again my circle of fellow bloggers and photographers are finding something to challenge and inspire us this week – can you believe it’s week 5 of 52 weeks? Crazy how fast time is moving.

This week our theme was ‘pocket of light’. It was a challenge considering we didn’t have a lot of sunny days this week:) Pockets are easier to find if the sun is out to create them! I really wanted to go out and find a pocket of light OUTSIDE, like in a forest (city forest;)) or in a park or somewhere other than home. Or I was thinking of hanging fake drapes and doing a silhouette or something like that – illuminating someone in a pocket of light. In end I didn’t really get either shot. The sun always cuts a swathe of light across the floor in the kitchen (scenic, non?!) in the afternoon, so I grabbed the baby, threw him into the path of that sunbeam, and took the picture. Stellar – not so much. But I think it illustrates the theme.

And just for fun, here is the outtake while looking for a pocket of light in an urban forest. He truly is standing in a little pocket of light……I promise.

Now head on over to see what Jackie found in a pocket of light. I’m sure it’s amazing!!

I’ve moved! I’m now at www.reneebonuccelli.com


13 thoughts on “Pocket of Light {52 on Fridays}

  1. I love the first shot! It reminds me of the beam of light in my entryway that entertains my cats. But your second shot? Theme or no theme, that is a beautiful image. Nothing but love for it!

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